Now that you have a website, you should now begin the process of developing your online presence and optimizing your website.  Once a small business creates a website, they must now work on making that website a great user experience for online visitors.

Easy Address can provide a well-structured website with relevant content presented on a fast-loading and mobile-responsive, modern website.  With SEO tools such as Yoast and MOZ a website administrator can make sure that the site is free of errors that prevents Google from crawling the website.

Website administrators should be using Google Analytics and Google Search Console to better understand what is happening with their website.    They should also be  looking at site speed, mobile-friendliness, search engine optimization (SEO) and at some point Google AdWords to bring more customers to your website that are searching for keywords related to your business.

Your next steps should be:

  1. Use Google Search Console.
  2. Use Google Developers Speed Test and work on fixing the issues so that your score is 89 or higher for both mobile & desktop.
  3. Rerun the Google Speed Test but use this tool instead. Make sure you have a mobile score of 100.
  4. Use the SEO score checker.
  5. Use Google Analytics and setup your website.

From here, you need to have a strong and consistent social presence that is updated with content related to your products & services. You also need to utilize a local online presence by being listed on local directories (YP, BBB, etc.).

All of this will be a continual process of repeating the above steps 2-3 times per month for the life of your business.