In an effort to make the Internet more secure Google will penalize sites who fail to move their domain to SSL security in the future.

As of January 2017 Chrome browsers will be cautioned when visiting to non-secure sites. Visitors won’t be hindered from getting to non-secure websites, however they will be cautioned when going by an address that doesn’t utilize an encoded association.

The next phase will be to lower to ranking of your site so that it can not be found in search engines.

Sites with a “HTTPS” included before the URL demonstrate an additional level of security and this ensures clients are viewing the site they plan to visit, and the additional security helps protect sites against hackers that will steal information from non-encrypted sites.

When you open a site over HTTP, another person on the network can view or change the site before it gets to you. As you can see this is a security risk which Google intends to stop.

Websites that use HTTPS will appear with a green bolt symbol beside the URL. In any case, Google does not presently flag HTTP associations as perilous, however, clients can tap on the data tab on HTTP sites to take in more about the association.

Google said “the greater part of Chrome desktop page loads are currently served over a safe system.” But just a third of the main 100 non-Google locations utilize a safe association as its default.

Emily Schechter, Product Manager for Chrome Security, disclosed to CNN Money just a modest bunch of those main 100 non-Google locations have changed to a safe association this year.

Google hinted at the move years back and emphasized the move in January 2016. The declaration comes a very long time in front of the move to permit designers and destinations enough time to move from to HTTPS before the change kicks in, Schechter clarified. Changing over from HTTP won’t influence destinations’ inquiry rankings yet.

Google is not the only one in pushing for a scrambled Internet. In 2015, the White House announced that every single government site must utilize a safe association before the current year’s over.

NOTE: Currently all sites at Easy Address employ HTTPS security for it’s customers who utilize our WordPress platform.