Creating an Account

Sign Up for a Account

Your first step to creating a website is to simply click ‘Create Account‘ in the above menu then select the plan that is right for you. 

If you need help with your site then you may want to use the Estimate Tool.  You can always purchase design & development assistance after your site is created.

Remember to contact us to see if there is a promotional code available before purchasing.

Welcome Email

After your account is created you will receive 5 emails from Easy Address:

  • Welcome Email – includes a link to your client portal, knowledgebase and support tickets.
  • Order Confirmation – explaining the Product you just purchased
  • Costumer Invoice – for your personal records
  • New Account Information – contains access to cPanel, FTP and Server information
  • Your New WordPress Site – contains access to your temporary URL, which is needed until your domain is configured, and access to your WordPress Administrative site.



Client Portal

After you have created your website account with Easy Address you will have access to your Client Portal.  The Client Portal contains all the information you need to manage your cPanel tools or WordPress website.

Within the client portal you have the ability to manage just one site service or mutiple sites.  From this area you can contact support, update support tickets, preview invoices, order new services and update your account information.


Product & Services

Within the Client Portal you can manage multiple websites (products & services); just click on the product or service to manage your site.

Once you have entered the product area you will see access links to cPanel, Webmail, and WordPress.  You will also be able to determine your websites disk and bandwidth usage.


Quick Links

Also within Products & Services you can find easy access to tools that are often used:

  • Mailbox creation
  • Email Forwarding
  • Autoresponders
  • cPanel File Manager
  • Backup Files
  • Subdomains
  • Website Stats


Become an Affiliate

Just go to the Affiliates area within your Client Portal to get paid for referring customers to us!

  • We pay commissions for every signup that comes via your custom signup link.
  • We track the visitors you refer to us using cookies, so users you refer don’t have to purchase instantly for you to receive your commission. Cookies last for up to 90 days following the initial visit.
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